Happy year of the goat!

My father is in town this weekend.  We went to Far East to celebrate both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year.  It’s the year of the goat.  I asked what people who are born in the year of the goat are famous for and I didn’t get a clear answer.  We went to dinner with cousins of mine; the woman, Xiao Yin and I have a common great grandparent.

Edda enjoyed her Peking duck burrito.


Last night, Edda woke up at 2:30am which is a little early for her to call for us.  I went into her room and found her tangled in her blankets on the floor.  She was not hurt or unhappy, but she was immobile and seemed to tell me that she’d rather be in her bed.  I lifted her back into bed and pulled the covers straight over her and went to sleep next to her.  We slept until 7 am – a little Edda miracle.


I do love Boba the best, but there are some drawbacks.  He is a dog, so there is the whole interspecies challenge.  He’s blind.  He’s also unemployed.  And he likes to pick up shoes and put them in different rooms of the house so when you are looking for your shoes, they can be anywhere which can be a little frustrating.  Other than that, he’s perfect.  So many shades of grey!

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