Cold week.

I start this entry with a terrible screen shot.  Jeremy’s home after being gone the 2nd half of the week in Texas.  He got in late to his hotel and the only room they had left was the Presidential Suite.  We got the full tour (via video)!  The room was bigger than the first floor of our house.  It had a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a dining room table for eight.  A leather sectional sofa, a million flat screen TVs, and bathroom with a big tub and shower with eighteen jets.  Very nice.  I asked if he got a valet to go along with the room, but alas, there was no valet.


I hung this heart that came home in Edda’s backpack on our front door.  I had to weigh the bottom down with pennies because it’s so windy outside.  It’s a beautiful heart, no?


Mom came by today to drop off some meatballs.  Notice Ruby asking, “For me?”


Vince is “loosening” Edda’s boogers.  I think he’s just bugging her.


Dragonfruit to remind us of the tropics when it’s 2 degrees outside.  They delayed school for 2 hours today because of the cold.  A little silly in my opinion because at 7 am it was 0 degrees, at 9 am it was 4 degrees.  Do 4 degrees really matter?  I think not in this situation.  Cold is cold.


Because it’s so cold, Vince’s campout got changed from outside to overnighting in a church’s basement.  Vince is bringing his own mattress.


Thank you Scott for designing Edda’s birthday party logo.  It’s time again to celebrate all that is Edda.  And to make a lot of bacon.  Join in, mark your calendars, it’s going to be on March 21st.

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