Phones / wheelchairs / when things fall apart.

Last week, only a few days after our last phone upheaval, Jeremy accidentally dropped his phone on the ground. There was only a slight crack on the glass face, but something internal was malfunctioning so it would start rebooting itself all the time.  We are using T-mobile, so it means we buy the phones outright and pay a reasonable amount for the data plan, but it also means that when a phone breaks, we need to buy a brand new phone.  Jeremy wanted a phone that was either $500 or $700.  Oh, it makes my frugal heart cry.  But as Jeremy pointed out, he spends more time with his phone than he does with me.  He was all ready to buy a new phone when he discovered that the broken phone was still covered by the year-long warranty for another three days.  Woo hoo, I felt like it was as if I found $700 on the ground.  For a few days while he was waiting for the new phone to arrive, he used Vince’s old, old LG phone.  So light, so small, no apps loaded, nothing but what Jeremy needed.  He kind of liked it.


Edda’s wheelchair’s brake stuck again today.  OMG.  The total frustration.  I’m not the maddest at how long it takes to fix (which I am mad about) but I’m maddest about the actual design of the brake!  Those engineers!  I need a good engineering design here.  This is an important piece of equipment in our house.  But I managed to fix it with some WD-40 and a good whack with a hammer.

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