Tricky day.

Jeremy is traveling to California this week and Nat is on vacation until tomorrow.  So today was the day I had to cover everything.  Covering everything meant that I had to cut work short and sneak out of class early to meet the bus.  This was the first time I’ve ever asked Vince to be my back-up child care.  I asked him to come home right away after school and told him that I’d probably be home in time to meet the bus, but if for whatever reason, the bus came early (as it does sometimes when kids are out sick and there are fewer kids to drive home) then he’d be responsible for bringing Edda inside.

He was up to the task, but I got home in time and Edda’s bus was home at the regular time.  Max and Ruby waited for the bus with me too.  I sat at the foot of the stairs with some plants and knitting and a glass of warm water.  Is it terrible that these past few days that Nat’s been on vacation have been the first days of the school year that I’ve chatted with Edda’s bus drivers?  I brought Edda inside and took her to the bathroom and close-maneuvered her around the little room, I could smell the perfume of her aide that helps her out at school.

I cooked dinner at 5 pm.  I like having dinner at 5 pm.  Vince made fun of my cooking (that was expected and it was deserved) and we listened to Bach’s cello suites while cooking which is different than the usual Uptown Funk we’ve been listening to for the past few days.

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