Cristina Yang.

I taught my first recitation today.  I was nervous.  It was fun.  I was tired (really: exhausted) afterwards.  I taught cardic – the first lecture of adult health which really makes much more sense than diabetes which is what we learned first last semester.  They totally revamped the course and the slides weren’t posted online until 9pm last night.  Do you know how much brain power I have at 9pm?  I have just enough brain power to watch an episode of Friends.  So I scrambled to prep this am:  hypertension, hypotension and dysrhythmias.  You know when you are a student and totally bored in class? Your teacher can tell that you are totally bored.  And when you are surfing Facebook on your laptop?  Yeah, your teacher can tell that too.  But my partner and I got some positive feedback, so that was nice.  But more interestingly to me, I think about five people came up to me and told me I look, speak and act exactly like Cristina Yang – like down to how I hold my dry erase marker.  The first person who told me this actually just came up to me and held my hand and just said – “Cristina Yang!” and I’m like who is Cristina?  This is Cristina:

Can I be flattered that I remind people of some badass fictional surgeon?  Ha ha, if only I was so sassy.  I guess I should start watching Grey’s Anatomy.

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