Volunteer to Be Re-routed Again

Today,  I volunteered to be re-routed back to Portland, OR.  Instead of arriving at noon time, my flights will take off at 2:00 PM here and arrive there around 10:00 PM.  It will take me to Atlanta & Minneapolis and then to Portland.  That is okay.

For that, I got two vouchers.  One $7.00 for lunch and other $500.00 for future air.  Not too bad. After a good night sleep without shower (not available) and to do some yard work in the morning, I am ready to fly back to Oak Ridge, tomorrow noon.

Last time, at Portland, I got a $400.00 voucher without lunch.  I guess at small towns, people are nicer :). For example, at local McDonald’s, I have been treated very well every time without exception and all I need is a senior $0.76 coffee.

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