I should just give up on ever having a “regular” week.  This whole blog is dedicated to regular-ness.  I like being regular in all the ways it is possible to be regular.  But whatever, it was an unusual week this week as it is every week.

I made it to the Metro early this am and joined the in on the regular DC commuting scene.  It’s fun to commute every once in a while when you never really have to ever commute.  I got snacks at Au Bon Pain (so many delicious things to pick from) and I read the free paper they give out on the Metro.

I commuted to NIH today.  It’s the site of my clinical this term and today was the first day.  We meet one day a week instead of two like last term which is less insanity for me.  This lighter schedule makes everyone around me happier!  Everyone in the house appreciates this lighter schedule.  NIH is interesting because they only run research protocols there.  The nurse to patient ratio is luxuriously high (almost 1:1) and there are no late night emergency admissions.  It’s a great place to work.  I’m doing a psych rotation specializing in addiction and alcoholism.


Jeremy is home which means that we are back to full household staffing.  Between Nat’s vacation and Jeremy’s traveling, my schedule has been thrown for a week.  But now everyone is back and it’s great.

Now there are cooked dinners (Jeremy) and beautiful hair (Nat).  Hooray!


Happy groundhog day!  Look at these cute groundhog cookies:


On Superbowl Sunday, Edda was snuggled between me and Christine on the couch just waiting for Katy Perry to show up.  Edda tucked her icy barefoot feet into Christine’s lap.  Christine was shocked that her little toesies were icicles.  Edda’s toes are always icicles.  We kept Edda barefoot in the house because 1. wearing just socks would sometimes make her slip and fall or do the splits and unable to recover, 2. street shoes seemed uncomfortable (and also just for outside (Chinese habit and all)) and 3. all slippers that we tried would never stay on and the leathery soles always became too slippery anyways.

Christine suggested the obvious: get her a pair of Uggs.  To which I was like – Oh!  Of course!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself as I have a pair of Uggs that I sometimes wear around the house because they are so warm and slipper-like that I sometimes forget they are street shoes.  So I went out and bought (full price, which for me is a big deal) Edda her own pair of Uggs and now her feet are toasty and she is very stylish.  OK, maybe stylish circa three years ago because we are just always behind the times.  Thank you Christine for your suggestion.  Edda’s feet are toasty!

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