We went to a party at Boba’s house last night.  Remember Boba is my true love so I go out of my way to see him.  Boba’s mom does hold monthly get togethers and potlucks for friends and the parties usually have a theme.  Saturday night’s theme was “sesame seeds and lemon grass”.  Boba’s mom has the most talented cooking friends.  I think it was the best potluck I’ve ever gone to.  Vince had a particularly good time.  Since the resident kids in the house are 2 and 4 years old, all the other invited kids were of similar age.  Vince out-aged them by a decade and at some point had kids hanging off every limb and he was dressed up like Batman.  Jeremy met a neighbor of the hostess and learned that she had 10 chickens in her backyard.  He scored a dozen fresh eggs.  mmmm…

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