Winter will not end.

It rained all day on Sunday and all the water froze into a sheet of ice.  School was cancelled today.  Again.  The temperatures were going to get into the 40s today, so I sprinkled a generous amount of salt on the skating rink that was our driveway and I left the house at about noon and hoped for the best.  I did have to put some salt and sand behind the front wheels of the car to get some traction because the car spun its wheels a little trying to manage the slight uphillness of our driveway and I did fall on my ass while getting said salt and sand, but no matter, it would be fine when I got home.  As I came home after dark, I was hopeful.  All the driveways I passed were clear of ice!  Our driveway certainly must have melted itself.  Clearly I was in denial, our driveway is in shade most of the day.  Luck was not on my side today.  I came home and it was still an ice rink and now the temperatures had dropped below freezing.  So Vince and I scrapped the driveway.  Yes, Vince helped me in shorts and bedroom slippers.  Well until he didn’t help me anymore which was less than 25% into the deicing project.  Somehow, now that he is certifiably bigger than me, can I feel more resentful that he doesn’t do more physical labor for me?  I have a full grown teenager on my hands, he should be doing all the shoveling, icing, mowing and raking, right?  I gotta figure that out.

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