Mom Invited Donald to Come Here for His Birthday. But, Japan Is Better, I Think

Yesterday morning, Mom showed me her iPad with Donald moving & talking in it while I was working on our yard.

He told us he is heading to Japan for vacation.  I guess Japan is also attractive to us even though I utterly dislike their approaches toward those years they invaded and brutalized China.

Just presents two examples here:

1) When their Prime Minister took a picture recently in front of one of their air force planes.  The series number on that plane happens to be 731 which is the notorious WW II cold-weather human lab code number in Harbin, China in which many nationals were experimented upon with horrible medical methods. Even today, that place is haunted because Rena and I have paid visit there.

2) The name of their recently launched helicopter carrier ship (~20,000 ton) is named after their flagship which was parked in Shanghai harbor and served as their invasion headquarters during WW II.

These can’t be just coincident but rather sending messages toward all Chinese around the world – never forget to glorify their past, no matter how evil they were.

In short, though I pretty much admire Japanese accomplishments as a nation and considering myself far from a radical, Japan (in her current mentalities) is the only nation on earth that I am willing to fight against with all costs.

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  1. Mr. Lee, some of the young generation in Korea are also paying attention to what the Japanese PM has been doing. And they are all in agreement with you, too. I'd love to hear more about your opinion on this. 🙂

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