This is Boba’s mom, Thu.  She hosts a monthly potluck with a theme at her house.  This month’s theme was local ingredients.  I love Thu and I love Boba. And I love the idea of these potlucks and I have a good time when I go, but I’m always a little intimidated.  Because I can’t cook and because I can’t really remember anyone’s name, even though I’ve seen them three months in a row now.

See why this can be intimating to a non-cook?  Look at this – Thu made a dessert with cocoa meringue, fresh berries and mint. So to go to this party, I feel like I’m imposing on Jeremy to ask him to make something smashing and then I bring it (sometimes with him and sometimes without him) and then I fail to use anyone’s first name.     Except for Boba.  I remember his name.  He remembers mine.

Also, another reason that I’m slightly intimidated.  I’m totally used to being out in public with Edda, I don’t care that people slightly stare.  I don’t care that sometimes she can laugh inappropriately or slobber slightly.  I can explain Edda to little inquiring children or large pleasantly inquiring adults and I can carry this all pretty lightly.  But in a party situation, were I don’t know most of the people and it’s just me and Edda – even when I know everyone is going to be totally friendly and accepting – I get a little extra anxious.  I’m already shy at parties (which I generally can overcome), but there is this extra shyness that comes from being with Edda.   Who do I talk to? And where do I put my body?  Can I leave Edda watching TV in her chair by herself?  If I need to sit next to Edda (which I feel I do), will someone sit next to me and chat?

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