Snow Day.

It snowed so much today.  School was cancelled.  School is cancelled tomorrow.  Everyone is trapped in the house – a little bored.  I can not shake this blue mood even though I’m trying.  I’m hoping it’ll go away when spring comes next week.


Jeremy shoveled at least twice during the day.  He has this new shovel he’s trying out – it kind of pushes the snow in front of it, so you never have to lift the shovel off of the ground.  But in order for it to work well, you can’t let the snow get too deep.  Here he is admiring his handiwork from Edda’s room.  We are out of salt, I’ll have to remember to buy some next week to prep for next year’s winter.  All the hardware stores have been wiped out of salt earlier this week from the freak rain/ice storm on Monday.

Freshly shoveled and still coming down.


Vince had to interview someone older than 75 years and he picked Gene.  Vince is learning about WWII, so he needed to interview someone who remembers what it was like in the 1940s.  Vince got a lot of information.  Gene likes to talk.


They were holding a book sale at Vince’s school earlier this week.  I’ve read a bunch of young adult fiction over the past few years, some of them were really delightful (although I can’t remember any of them) and I gave Vince some money and I told him to buy me a book he thought I would like.  Vince proposed a Grumpy Cat book, I told him absolutely not – not a Grumpy Cat book.

I said that he should image a novel that I might like and pick it out for me.  He got me this (tagline – Choose to lie…. or choose to die):

Not exactly something I would have picked out myself, but then I turned it around and noticed that the NYTimes said it was a page turner, so I guess I’ll give it a go.  We’ll see.


I’m behind on everything.  Except sleep and cookies, I’m fine on sleep and cookies.


Finally, Edda and I hanging out on the couch.  Watching TV.

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