Tomorrow at sunset starts Purim.  Normally Purim doesn’t mean that much to me because I’m not Jewish, but my Jewish / caterer / Rett mom friend, Lauren, recently posted on The Food Jew her mother’s beloved recipe for hamantaschen.  The grocery store was all out of Lauren’s suggested filling of apricot and prune, so we made due with raspberry and prune/plum.  I took advantage of Nat’s talent for baking and she tried out the recipe this afternoon.  So yummy!  I did burn the roof of my mouth when I ate one because I couldn’t wait for the filling to fully cool.  They were a tiny bit overfilled, so some of them lost their triangle-ness, but we will try again tomorrow.


I found this old printed photo of Vince.  I’m getting all sentimental now that’s he’s about to be 13.  Was he ever really that little?

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  1. These are beautiful. Yes, Vince should be doing more labor. He's a great helper! All his laundry, cleaning his own bathroom, (low man on the totem pole in a household is whomever cleans the toilet), trash, sidewalk shoveling, get that kid to work! My kitchen has never been as clean as when Josh did it. Of course, he did it because it meant had complete control of the stereo while cleaning. Work should be fun.

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