Nat and Dara are renting our basement starting in April, so all the misc things that we’ve been storing in the basement had to come out and up.  Sofas, coffee tables, ping-pong tables, fiberglass batting, random chairs and a queen sized bed – all moved upstairs.  I have good leg strength, but I have very poor arm strength.  Like a T-rex.  Fierce, but tiny-armed.

I’m having a tough time giving away stuff.  I have a beautiful coffee table – solid, wooden, a real piece of furniture – no one local wanted it on Facebook.  I took it to Goodwill, they didn’t want it claiming it was damaged.  (Shocked!  I’m a frequent Goodwill-er and the coffee table would have met my standards.) So I guess I’m going to give it a go on Craigslist.

I love this sofa.  We bought it when we were first married and spent a crazy amount of money on it and I remember thinking on that day, I will never buy IKEA furniture again.  Oh, all the things I think to myself which are false.  Now I think, I will never buy furniture that isn’t from IKEA ever again.


Jeremy left for Seattle on Sunday.  Now I get selfies of him in a suit in a park.


I went to Sunday night dinner with the kids minus Jeremy.  I learned about this delicious cheese called “sweet munchee”.

Jane showed us this video of Lady Gaga doing a Sound of Music medley.

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