Bon Chon.

Dad’s in town.  We went out to dinner at Bon Chon – a Korean chicken place.  I did not realize that Jeremy has grown to dislike this particular establishment.  It was a little loud and a little slow and the floors were a little sticky.  Other than that?  Perfect.  Dad is good.  Getting ready to travel to China, Alaska and all other corners of the world.  I’m happy he’s going to be spending time with my mother.

It’s a beautiful weekend.  I should be outside in the sun.  Instead, I’m studying psych:

And I’m writing a paper about Jehovah’s Witnesses and the culturally competent health care I will provide them (they refuse blood transfusions).  Yes, I went to a JW meeting as part of my self-directed field experience.  Yes, everyone was very friendly.  And yes!  Now I have my very own Bible.  And today I learned today that I don’t have to cite the Bible in my list of references if I quote from it.

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  1. I love their chicken. So crispy!! But no one else in my family seems to like this place I guess for the same reasons Jeremy doesn't. 🙁

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