Growing up.

When Jeremy was out of town last week, I didn’t realize I had inadvertently turned down the volume of Edda’s baby monitor.  I think this might be our seventh baby monitor – not that we’ve broken each one, it’s that we are always looking for the monitor that’s the quietest when Edda’s not stirring and clearest when Edda is.  This one is pretty good.  It’s so good that I didn’t realize that I essentially had it off for 3 days.  Oh, the luxury of sleeping until 6 am everyday!  I try to get enough sleep that I don’t need an alarm to get up, so I would wake up naturally at 6 am and peer into Edda’s room and find her awake and lying awake and think to myself – I guess she just woke up 5 seconds ago.  Now I think the baby monitor is just to make Jeremy and me feel better.  Maybe we should just turn it off and let Edda be and both sleep until 6 am everyday.  Maybe Edda can wake up and put herself back to sleep by herself now.


I took Vince to his 13-year-old checkup today.  He’s officially taller than me, but still about 5 pounds lighter than me.  Every since he’s grown taller than me, I’ve felt a tremendous shift in our relationship.  It alternates between being such a grown-up relationship (where he cooks for me and has advice on things I’m thinking about) and a child-mom relationship (where he looks for me when he’s hurt or when I nag him to do homework).  The shift in my heart was reinforced at the doctors office where all the questions and forms have shifted from the possibility of lead poisoning and TB exposure to Gardisil vaccinations and HIV.

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