Middle school.

Early this school year, I thought that we should try to keep Edda in elementary school for another year.  I love her elementary school teacher so much (and all the staff) and I wasn’t ready for her to move up in the school system.  But it looked like we would have to gather strength and really fight to keep her in her spot and I finally admitted to myself that I was just scared of the unknown – that I just wanted it all to stay the same.

The school year went on and Edda’s current teacher and I would chat every once in a while and she would tell me how much she loved Edda and how much she would miss her next year when she went to middle school.  Today was the day to finally do the middle school tour – I was nervous because I never know if I’m going to be incredibly sad or incredibly happy at the end of any school meeting I have…

But I was really happy at the end of this tour.  Edda’s new teacher is energetic and fun, a bunch of Edda’s old pals are there.  The facility is amazing!  This is a school that they completely tore down and rebuilt only four years ago, so it’s filled with natural light and windows. It has a dance studio, a rock climbing wall, a weight room with treadmills and rowing machines, a beautiful courtyard, a sensory room, beautiful art and music facilities.  (We warned the art teacher that Edda hates art.) There is a whole wing dedicated to special needs students with kitchen and laundry facilities.  This summer, they are upgrading all the computers in the school and giving all the kids Chromebooks.  Edda’s classroom already has two iPads and we’ll be sending in Donald’s old one in with her.  I’m excited about next year.  Edda was a little concerned and gave her new teacher the side-eye, but I’m hoping that she’ll soon love her new school.

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