Edda woke up this morning with her face, hair and pajamas full of blood.  She had a pretty bad nose bleed during the night and I didn’t notice it was happening when I crawled into her bed at 5 am.  We gave her a quick shower where you could smell the smell of iron, cleaned her up, and she was ready to go to school.  The bleed stopped quickly, but I couldn’t help think that it was my nonchalant comment about “Low platelets? Who cares about low platelets?” coming back to bite me on my ass.

And!  Her wheelchair is on its way to California, hopefully to get the best new brakes ever.  So good that we don’t have to repair it ever again.


Vince made dinner tonight.  Very spicy chicken legs and avocado rolls.


Jeremy has developed a need for new shoes to go with his fancy suit.  So he’s trying out different ones, all black, all looking the same from 15 feet away.  I think these penny loafers are the winner.

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  1. Whoa that must have been kind of scary. I hate nosebleeds. They seem to run on (pardon the pun) for forever!

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