Back to work.


It’s great to be back at work without school obligations looming over me.

Jeremy took me out for date night tonight.  I think I look espeically frumpy in this particular get up, especially standing next to Jeremy in his well fitting suit.


Jeremy took me to a book signing party at work – not entirely the most romantic date, but there was free wine and food.  And his co-workers are always very nice and welcoming and love to talk about the renewable fuel standard.   I get to practice my small talk skills between bites of shrimp or brie.


We did manage to cut down the mantles, so they ended up looking just regular.  Jeremy bought the mantles on the internet and, essentially, they were un-returnable.  If we weren’t able to cut off the extra 20 inches, we would have had to write it off as a sunk-cost which would have pained me to no end.  But we didn’t have to and they look fine.


The huge German chest got moved into our bedroom.  Our bedroom is now the land of the unwanted yet wanted furniture.  Any furniture that we like and don’t want to throw out is now in our room.  It looks like a mish-mash college dorm room now.  Overflowing and uncordinated.

It’s late!  Good night!


3 thoughts on “Back to work.”

  1. I think you and Jeremy look great!! I wish I could do small talk. The Stricker's are so great at it with complete strangers. Me not so much. Happy Mother's Day. Late. I just finished up my job for the school year so am just catching up on my reading. BTW-the mantle is VERY impressive. I would have no way in Jose, known what to do if that thing had come 20 inches too big. Love you engineers!

  2. Oh! We hired people to do the mantle. No engineering on our part, just handing out $.

    Donald – I love killing you! 🙂 I will wear five fingers all da time!!! Just kidding, I actually don't like them that much…

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