Goings on.

Jeremy went to PT this morning in the hopes of loosening a tight IT band and he found out that the office had moved locations because someone had driven their car from the parking lot through a plate glass window and into the main treatment area.  Luckily, the only severe casualties were some treadmills and resistance bands and bosu balls.

It’s been tough for Vince to shake this cold of his (going on a couple of weeks now), he’s still coughing and I’m trying to get him to rest more to get rid of it before a big Memorial Day weekend for him which involves: chocolate, violin, roller coasters, 5 am wake up, caves and not a single vegetable.

Edda also suffers from this mysterious malady – coughing and hard to put to bed. She’s moaning against my elbow as I type this at past 9 pm.  Too late to be up little girl!  Go to (*&^ to bed!

We all share in each other’s germs, I feel a tickle in the back of my throat that I’m hoping to overcome by my willpower, more sleep and intentional visualization (<- just kidding!  not doing that last bit!).  I don’t know what Jeremy is going to do, he’s starting to feel sick too, but he’s headed to LA for business tomorrow – no rest for him.

I have no photos today, I’m unhappy with my recent all iPhone photo blogging.  Photography is not satisfying with an iPhone for me.  I guess I should pick up my huge camera again, but I don’t really think that’s the right direction either…

So this is the photo that you get.   A peek into my texting relationship with Vince…


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