Edda enjoyed going to OT today, as you can see from the little video above.  There were four of us in the room, Deb (who is mom to a 30 yo), me (mom to a 11 year old), Keyla (who is 23 years old) and Edda who is 11 years old.  We all had a fabulous discussion about Taylor Swift.  (But first we had a heated discuss about bunions, so it goes both ways.) Who knew Deb was a Taylor Swift fan?!?  She was the one who was like – have you seen the new Bad Blood video, Doris?  You must see it.  Keyla nods enthusiastically.  Edda smiles.  I’m always the last to know.  Well, here you go.  I know none of the famous people in this video.  The new Taylor Swift video:

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