Going somewhere


It’s a beautiful holiday weekend, could not have ordered up a better looking day than today.  Edda and I spent the day with all the windows wide open reading, watching movies and making an apple cake.  I’m hoping that turned out OK, I’ll try it after I finish this entry.  No vanilla ice cream on hand, so it’ll be missing something.

We went to Dulles Airport this afternoon and we were stuck waiting a couple of hours, so I bought this book I was recommended called “The Martian” which starts with the line – I’m pretty much fucked.  I think I made it through a third of the novel while I was waiting around.  Fast, easy read, but be warned, it’s nerdy.  Matt Damon (dreamy) is starring in the movie version.

I actually love waiting at airports.  The perfect intersection of order/chaos and boredom/endless possibilities.  Where do you want to go today?


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