We hosted Sunday night dinner.  Jeremy made his wonderful Peruvian chicken with the spicy green sauce.  I made dessert and managed to slice my thumb.  I had just sharpened the knife and I was peeling some apples and the knife cleaning sliced off the very tip of my thumb.  It didn’t bleed very much, but I’m quickly learning that the tip of your thumb is used in many very important daily living activities.


Spoke with Donald today about the merits of Uber vs Lyft.  Jeremy, while he was in LA last week, used Uber for the first time and was quite pleased and impressed.  But somehow we are not suppose to use Uber because the CEO is a jerk?  I haven’t looked it up yet, I’ll do it soon…


Edda and I napped in the middle of the day.  Really, I want to nap, and I use Edda as my excuse.  Mmmmmm…. nap.


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