Last day of school


Today was Edda’s last day at her elementary school.  Ms. Carmen and Ms. Maria have been driving Edda to school for five years.  It’s unlikely that they will be driving miss Edda to middle school next year.  boo.


A few hours after the bus left, Jeremy and I went to Edda’s classroom to hold a graduation party – her classmates, friends and teachers all assembled and we played pomp and cirumstance and Edda got her diploma.


Jeremy made lots of food – chicken curry salad, fruit salad, pasta salad and a green salad.  We brought ballons and a face painting kit.  We hung out until the dismissal bell rang.  Edda’s going to miss her school.  It was a great place for her & a great place for us too!


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  1. It has been so fun over the years to learn about all the people in Edda's life via this blog! She's a wonderful girl and everyone who gets to be around her is so lucky.
    P.S. Doris do you know the lady that was in the Sunday Times Travel section? Her daughter looked familiar?

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