Back home and then out again.


Vince came home from a week at Chincoteague with Bryson’s family.  It was a week of glorious weather (it was even glorious back home in Rockville), they went to the beach everyday.  I got these photos from Bryson’s mom – crabbing and mini-golfing.  Vince said that they went oyster picking?diving? harvesting? or maybe it’s just oystering?, anyways, they went to pluck oysters from the bay and opened them right where they were standing and ate them raw.  Vince is an adventurous eater. Today, he’s packing for a week of computer camp at Georgetown University.  He’s home for just about 48 hours before he heads back out.

I think these photos were taken on Wed – he came home wearing the same clothes on Friday night.  He said that he took a shower everyday and changed back into the dirty clothes.  Sigh.  I asked him on the next overnight came to shower and then try to change into clean clothes.   He said he would try, but no promises.


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