donald on a horse

Since Mom and Dad aren’t on Facebook, I feel compelled to (every once in a while) download photos that I think they would enjoy seeing.  So here’s Donald (in orange) on a horse in front of some mountains.  Looks like fun!


I dropped Vince off at camp in the late afternoon.  This is the only photo he let me take of him, he shoo-ed me out as soon as the bags hit the ground on the dorm floor.  I offered to put the sheets on the mattress (I’m worried that he’s going to spend the whole week sleeping directly on the mattress).  He wouldn’t let me do it.  He did give me a hug on the way out.



To wrap up the day, I had dinner with my usual suspects.  It’s hard to get all five of us together at once.  We had to do it in two shifts.  Someday we’ll all be together in both time and space.  None of this virtual stuff.   xoxo.

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