Saturday –

The original weekend plan was for Jeremy, Vince and Bob to leave last night (Friday after a full day of work for Jeremy, a full day of travel for Bob and a sleepover video game extravaganza for Vince)  with backpacks and go hiking on the Appalachian trail for two nights.  That didn’t happen (they ended up doing a morning day hike on the Billy Goat trail), but because Edda and I were planning on having a whole free Saturday, she and I went to see one of our  favorite toddlers, Bert.

Edda and I hung out with Bert, Karuna and Vickey.  We had a great lentil/sweet potato soup/curry.  We talked about politics (well, mainly Hillary) and allergies.



I came home around five pm and decided to fix (another) dripping faucet.  This time it took only one trip to Home Depot.  And I managed not to hurt myself and bleed all over the sink.

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