This old house.


We have reached some critical age in the life of our house.  Everything is starting to break all at once – which is fine.  I understand that things need to be repaired and maintained, but, you know, I don’t really need to go to Home Depot six times over the same number of days.  I’m trying to be all zen about it, trying not to get frustrated, trying not to get annoyed.  Today, (on my first trip to Home Depot) I bought a power washer to power wash the deck ($159).  Vince put it together, I got all the safety equipment: rubber boots, sound ear muffs and eye protection and then – it didn’t work (but I managed to get soaked and I did cut myself again (thumb)).  So back to Home Depot to return the thing.  I didn’t exchange it, I just returned it because I had used up all my enthusiasm and momentum for the day.  No way was I going to try again to wash the deck anymore today.  Maybe another day, maybe never.   I’m going to change the name of this blog from Just Regular Folks to Just Going to Home Depot.  We are just going to spend the rest of my life on this blog talking about home repair.


Sunday night dinner at our house, hosted by Bob.  Takeout Chinese food from the Great Wall and Taste of Shanghai.



During dinner, the hot water heater failed.  We went downstairs, noticed water (!) coming out the bottom and the gas locked out.  We fixed the heater by wiping the gas burners (again learning from the internets that sometimes soot falls on the burners and trips a circuit or detector and shuts the water heater down) and I wiped up the water and hopefully tomorrow (after it leaks some more) I can figure out where it’s coming from.


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