Edda has decided that her bed time is no longer 8:30pm.  Instead, she prefers to go to sleep at 9:45pm.  This has thown a wrench into our regular evening routine because I enjoy being in bed and asleep at 10 pm.  It has taken me a few weeks to understand that this is what Edda has been trying to tell me – a few painful weeks were I’ve been in bed with Edda from 8:30pm to 9:45pm getting more and more frustrated about how she was not going the *&^&!! to sleep.  Now I’ve conceeded this fight to my daughter, I will be the one to move around when I do certain important things like writing this blog post.


Vince got invited to a friend’s beach house for the week.  He left yesterday and won’t be back until Saturday morning when then he gets to turn around and go to sleep-away computer camp for a week. Lucky boy.  All I can say is that Vince really knows how to have a good time.  This was suppose to be another unscheduled week for Vince, staying up late, watching movies and playing video games.  Now he gets to do all that, but closer to the beach and without me bugging him to brush his teeth or take a shower.



I took some head shots for my friend Abaneh last Friday.  I’m happy how these turned out, the background could have been smoothed out a bit more, but I like the lighting.  This was outside in the backyard with her holding a white posterboard in her hands to reflect light back up into her face.


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