I used to sign Vince up for camp every week of the summer, but a few summers ago, he asked if he could have a few weeks to just chillax.  So this is a down, unscheduled week for him.  A down week for him means more a bit more work for me – texting moms, arranging rides and activities and just generally having him underfoot making messes and then not fully cleaning up.   Today, for example – he set all the fire alarms off in the house for at least 5 minutes and partially melted a portion of our plastic deck (Well, it wasn’t really him that did that, it was the sleeping boy pictured above, but I’m just filing it under the “Vince” tab).  The down week is ostensibly for recovery, but in reality it just allows him to play computer games all with as many friends he can convince me to allow to sleepover and stay up until 3am.


Edda’s days at camp are fun filled.   Lots of time in the pool and lots of time with her one-on-one counselor, Kara.  Kara was her 1-1 last year and so I was beyond thrilled that she requested to work with Edda again this year!  <3


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