It’s been going on for about a week now, Edda’s been terrible to put to bed.  Usually, Edda is a delight at bedtime, she’ll snuggle up quietly next to me and just hang out (listen to a book or watch a movie) and then peacefully go to sleep.  Sometimes it can take up to an hour, but it’s a quiet relaxing time that I look forward to most nights of the week.  We came home from Italy, all jet lagged and it took about a week to settle back into East Coast time and I figured we were home free with Edda.  But since she’s readjusted to Rockville time, she’s just been fighting bed time all week.  I mean really fighting, like yelling, hitting and swinging her limbs in all directions for over an hour at night.  She seems good at camp and good during the day, it’s just this bed time stuff that has turned into some angry shenanigans.  I’m flashing back to the terrible summer a couple years ago where Edda screamed for long periods of time for reasons that we could never figure out.  Puberty?  Mood swings? Painful teeth? Headache? Pissed that she has to go to bed at 9pm?  Who knows?  I hope it goes away soon.


These days, I’m just working steadily at work and I’m enjoying this bit of rest time between semesters at school.  I’m relishing this downtime.  Many of my friends that I started nursing school with are now done and finding jobs in the area.  I kind of shake my head and wonder how this is all going to play out.  Am I really going to find a job where I’m going to work on the weekends and rotate into/out of night shifts and do my regular work at the same time? I guess I am.  I’m too deep in to turn around now.  Summertime is the time to update all my paperwork, I renewed my CPR certification and I got retested for TB.


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