Friday wrap up.

At the beginning of the summer, I had all these plans.  Little plans like ramping up my work, reviewing Chinese words with Vince, making orthopedic appointments for Edda, taking vacations with Jeremy (by ourselves!) and decluttering the house.  Of that short, not very ambitious list, the only thing I managed to do was to get 5 trash bags full of old clothes to Goodwill.  Everything else has fallen off of the shelf and been kicked under the furniture where they now live with dusty Legos, old dog toys and a couple of pennies.

This week, we’ve been dealing with not only impressive driving infractions and the MoCo county fair, but also with infrastructure outages and maintenence.  The water was out on Wednesday when the plumber replaced the main indoor sewer line going out of the house because shit was leaking out of it onto the electronic hub of our small household operation (router, server, unused security system and various other pieces of plastic encased items with blinking lights).  On Thursday, a very kind gentleman knocked at the front door an announced that the power would be out for two hours while they installed a new transformer on the street.

Since I do need electricity to do my job, Edda, Keyla and I took this enforced break from work and headed towards Montgomery Mall where I discovered that you can sell saltwater in a spray bottle for $32.


And I also found out that Montomery Mall has this new, delicious food court.  Full of light and nice, modern furniture, the food court did not have that slightly greasy feel most mall food courts have – although it did have a popular McDonald’s outlet. We are eating waffle sandwiches.


The fair continues.  Vince is determined to reach the 120 hours of work necessary to obtain Ironman status.  Last full day tomorrow and then a few hours of clean up on Sunday will bring him to a total of 121.5 hours.

Jeremy went to work at the fair yesterday (Thursday).  Normally a very busy traffic day because of the demolition derby, it was actually very quiet because thunderstorms rolled through.


Jeremy’s all prepped with plastic encased shoes.


Storm rolling into command center Baker…


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  1. Wow you guys have been BUSY. We have been up in Ouray, Co. for camping. (Josh climbed his first 14,000 peak-Mt. Sneffels). I get back and the Lee/Martin Clan has just been all over the place. Way to go!

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