A Leak in the Main Section (Larger Section) of the Drain Piping System in Our Addition

Today, I climbed up to the roof again to inject water into the main section of new drain piping system of our addition.  The water was injected through the vent opening.

There was leak at a tee way up in the vault ceiling.  Everything else was fine including all drain piping underneath the floor – very lucky and, of course, good work too.  I am getting tired of working in the crawl space.  Some place is less than 2 1/2 feet height.

I replaced the whole tee and it should work fine.  I will concentrate on the leak at an elbow of that small section.  Hopefully, I can fix it without replacing all three elbows adjacently clustered together.

Note:  Tomorrow, I will invite Rena to come down to the crawl space to look our piping system (drain and cold/hot water lines too) underneath.  It will be the first time that Mom is down under.  Oh, while working in the crawl space, I noticed that I have companions (mouse), we already caught three of them using CHEESE as bait.  We even caught two together using just one spring trap.  I don’t know how (?).

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