I spent the morning at the DMV where I watched this old printer in action.  I like the DMV for practicing mindfulness.  Long pointless lines, appointments that are missed by two hours, inexplicable rules and a mass of smelly people.  Did I expect any differently when I woke up and knew I had to spend hours in a hard chair in a terribly lit room with no money to buy Cheetos from the vending machine?  No.


My first OB clinical on Friday.  My clinical instructor has emailed us 17 times with different assignments, patient interviews, test dates, care plans and medication lists.  She insisted that we needed to work over Labor Day weekend.  I find it very difficult to concentrate on these assigments because my first class isn’t until next Monday, so school has not “in my mind” started for me yet.  I do not like going to the hospital before I’ve started the class for which the hospital part is attached to.  Friday is 9/11 and it’s going to be a slow day in the delivery room because no one chooses to induce or have a c-section on 9/11.

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