Every nice thing.


I was at the hospital all day yesterday with the tiniest of babies and I came home at 6pm.  The kids had been fed dinner, Vince was gone.  I helped Keyla clean up all the dishes and chatted with her about babies and families and high school reunions. I was tired, I’d been up late the night before reminiscing with Jeremy and something about clinical wipes me out. I think it’s because I’m in a new section of the hospital each week, I meet new people and then, all day, I feel like I’m in their way and I can’t even be a smidge helpful because don’t even know where the water dispensers/alcohol wipes/diaper creams are.  About 7:30pm, I shuttle Edda upstairs into my room and sit down at my work desk to login to see how a few things went for the day and I find the above package at my work station.  Confused, I looked at it a bit more carefully.  A full minute passes before I realize that my little brother has given me a phone!  He gives me expensive gifts on ordinary days.  You know, I don’t care much about possessions, they don’t occupy very much of my thoughts, I don’t ever really covet any particular thing.  But these surprises warm my heart, that my brother thinks of things that I consider so luxurious and frivolous and gets them for me.  He knows in a million years, I would never, never buy these things for myself.  He’s also spending his weekend in Portland helping the parents set up a new Mac workstation and prepping them to get their smartphones over Thanksgiving.  My mom is learning to text.  A nice guy, my brother.


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