On Saturday, I went on a toddler date with my favorite toddler, Bert.   We spent a lot of time on this sqeaky teeter-totter.

2 thoughts on “Park.”

  1. Oh Doris I know what you mean about so many of your recent posts! Our dryer and washer gave it up as well as the dishwasher and then my car all in the same week. Car got fixed. As did dishwasher. But dryer and washing machine were replaced much to my chagrin. Although I really like the new ones. The group texting had me come up with a new word, "texhaustion", meaning I'm exhausted from so much texting. It really does make me tired! But how wonderful sweet Donald is to you and to your parents. Love is what seems to his focus so his "future wife" should be really happy to have a man who cares so much to help his family. Whomever she is, she'll be a very, very lucky person indeed.

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