Jeremy is 47.


Happy birthday to Jeremy! The whole nation took off work to celebrate, which was very considerate of everyone.  Alas, we both spent the day working.  I’m not sure you can see it in the photo above, but we both have three monitors going at once.  The only real way to get anything done.

Vince and Edda enjoyed the last bit of summer.  This tub is getting too small for the two of them.  But somehow they manage to fit an hours worth of fun in there.  Vince is figuring stuff out this year.  He’s not been an organized, disciplined student.  Papers everywhere, not clipped in a binder.  Assignments lost and forgotten. Terrible spelling.  I kind of despaired.  I tried to not yell.  I always want to yell, but I try not to, but I often fail at trying not to yell.  Then I have to apologize because I almost always fail at not yelling because something else (not related to the state of his binder) is stressing me out.  But I can see he’s working it out.  Papers are starting to be organized.  There are a bunch of assignments due this week and we briefly talked about them on Friday and he worked a little each day this weekend and says they are all done.  I know, it’s only the first week, but it’s nice watching him learn to do this stuff.  It’s also nice that he still wants to hang out with his little sister in a tub of water in the front yard on a day off.


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