Back to school night.


We went to Edda’s back to school night tonight.  It’s a strange experience, we know so many parents at Vince’s school and we know no parents at Edda’s school.  It’s fine.  I’m OK with that.    Special ed teachers usually have only 5-10 kids in their class and since their students often are hard to find sitters for,  we are always the only parents that show up.  Oh, that’s not true, I remember one year, another parent showed up.  Anyways, I feel for the special ed teacher – they have to get all dressed up to go to back to school night and often they find themselves with an empty room.  We go to hang out with Edda’s teacher.  

Special needs education is a funny thing.  Edda is being taught the common core 2.0 curriculum. This means that she’s suppose to read the Outsiders this year and also dissect a frog.  OK, she’s not going to really read the Outsiders and dissect a frog, but they certainly are trying their best.  Instead of spending 4 weeks to read the Outsiders, they are going to spend 12 weeks and go chapter-by-chapter and talk about character development, setting, themes.  This is for a class that is mostly non-verbal. Is this a good thing?  I can’t decide.  I think I should go read the Outsiders – I’ve never read it before, maybe I’ll read it out loud to Edda as she falls asleep.  I hope she forgives me for having to listen to the same story twice.

Edda is also in art class.  As we introduced ourselves to the teacher, we apologized to her because Edda hates art.  I think she doesn’t mind looking at art (one of her happiest days I remember was at the Met. Museum of Art), but making art just pisses her off…

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