Korea, China & Hong Kong Trip

The well-wishing scarfs for their relatives in North Korea are shown in picture 1 on the 38th parallel demilitarized zone, Korea. 
Picture 2 shows that we paid a visit to the birthplace of Dr. S. Y. Sun, the founder father of the Chinese Republic. This is the front gate of the museum which honors him.  His house is much more humble and it is inside.
The last shows the defunct “Huangpu Military Academy”, the West Point of China, near Quangzhou, China. Many former administrators, counselors, instructors, students and others fought against each other during the Chinese Civil War on both sides – Communist or Nationalist.  

2 thoughts on “Korea, China & Hong Kong Trip”

  1. Before visiting South Korea, I thought, they are one of our strong partners in the far east. I believe that they are indeed, but just in the military sense, nothing else. We don't spend anything there any more. All their cars are Koreans, a few English words popped up here and there. Few Americans can be seen on their streets & shopping malls buying. US $$ is nowhere to be seen. All their shops put up signs that they have Chinese speaking clerks ready to help. Chinese tourists are everywhere. RMB, not US$, is also everywhere. They are buying. We are not.

    Probably, it is hard to imagine that we have strong tie with them, not according to what NY times and Washington Post often said. Those elites!

    This type of alliance will not last forever. We better wake up. Or, cut back to what we can afford and deliver. But, history shows that all empires will meet their end days eventually. We are no exception.

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