Back to East Coast Home

Finally, we are back to our east coast home tonight around 10:00 PM, from Far East.  This time, we rode on an Airbus A380 from Seoul to JFK, New York.  The attached picture shows our A380 with a Boeing 737 side by side.  It is really big.  But, it only carried 260 out of 426 this time.  Mom was quite happy to have a row of 3 seats together to sleep on.
JFK was raining when arriving.  The connection plane to Washington DC was 1 1/2 hours late.  When arriving at Washington DC, there was no jet way available for deplane, about 1/2 hours just seating there, going nowhere. 
The house is in good conditions and there are a lot laundry need to be done.  It was dark outside, don’t know how many persimmon fruits on our tree.  Will find out tomorrow.
Oh, while in Korea, all airport toilets go high-tech.  Unfortunately, not a single English word can be found on any push button. Don’t know how to operate.  The seat was really hot with a stainless tube spraying something that who knows 🙂

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