We have this extra childcare on Saturdays now.  Somehow the waiver that Edda just got on won’t help pay for our existing childcare, but we need to use some of their childcare or else we get kicked out of the program – so a very nice woman comes on Saturdays to help take care of Edda for a few hours.  (There is hope that somehow I can get my act together and move over fully to the waiver childcare, but it’s complicated and kind of inflexible and I’m not ready to face that yet with our crazy schedules.)

Anyhow, I thought I’d use this extra childcare to 1) plan some weekend getaways or 2) hang out with Vince and either do a) quiet things or b) physical things.  This weekend, we decided to play basketball with the dogs.  We are poor, poor basketball players.  We are quite good at sitting around with basketballs and chasing basketballs, but putting basketballs into nets is difficult for us.


Vince wanted to show you that he could spin a ball on the tip of his finger.  Kind of.

Basketball playing quickly devolved into errand running, bubble tea and a game of connect four.

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