When Jeremy’s gone, I can get a little mopey and introverted.  So I try and make some plans with friends to remind myself that I’m not alone in this world.  A little dramatic, but sometimes I think, left to my own devices, I’d be a recluse/hoarder/cat owner.   I saw a good friend and we went to the local Indian buffet for lunch.


Edda came home and got herself into some makeup.


We went to the IB open house at Richard Montgomery.  The county has a bunch of competitive magnet programs housed in different high schools.  Vince did not want to leave his home high school and/or his friends, but there is a very highly sought program right here.  Magnet programs are both appealing and not appealing to me in my own warped mind.  There is no other simple, short-cut way of outwardly indicating that you totally did it and achieved the upper-middle-class suburban Montgomery County excellent parenting award than to say – my kid goes to the IB program, Stanford, MIT, etc.  That fictitious award does have power over me.  However, I know it’s not what Vince really wants (or for that matter, what I really want) and I know that it’s the fake parenting award, it’s not the one I’m after even though it’s the shiny-est.  I do like shiny things.

Lots of parents asking all the questions – I made Vince ask all his questions (the main thing was what the difference was between IB Chemistry and AP Chemistry), I gently directed the teachers to look at him and not me when answering the questions.  We got an enthusiastic senior to tell us how he’s taking three science courses this fall even though it’s counter to the program’s approach of creating the holistic student.  He got all his questions answered and we bailed before the formal program started with Vince laughing and saying – it’s not for me!  let’s go get some groceries and to the scout meeting.

Here are the stats for the program (I couldn’t resist, because really, how can I resist?):  1000 people apply, 120 get in each year.  Of those 120, about 35 are National Merit Scholars.  Of the graduating class – 5 people got into MIT, 4 people went.


Vince helped me get some groceries.

At the Giant.  My favorite grocery store.


Then we played dodge ball with the scouts.  I did play a round, but I haven’t learned how to really hurl a ball well.  All my throws are puff balls in a wide arc.

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  1. Just love that Vince attitude. We sent Josh to his magnet school because the regular one was just gonna make him bored and he is like me. If he's bored he'll get into trouble or get fired. Someone once told me keep'em poor and busy. Loved the Adele video!! I don't know if he has one and even if he does I have no idea how to post but I HIGHLY recommend looking up and listening to Leon Bridges. Saw him a few years ago during SXSW just on a fluk at a church venue. I walked away amazed, thinking this kid is gonna be big. Talked to him after the show. Super nice. He was a dishwahser in Ft Worthfor his day job and was hoping things would take off for him. This year, he just played ACL and every single US show is sold out. I wanted to follow him like the DEAD. He just played the Apollo in NYC. Check him out.

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