21st birthday party.


One of the most fun things about going to nursing school is that I get to hang out with people who were born the year I graduated from college. I got invited to a “paint nite” 21st birthday party – a party at a restaurant where a company sets up easels in one of the party rooms and and supplies paints and brushes and there is an instructor to teach you how to paint a certain picture.  You order drinks and food from the restaurant.  This is probably the most respectable 21st birthday party I’ve ever been to. It’s probably been a good decade or so since I’ve been to one.  (Emy – remember yours?  epic.  sigh. – pre-blog – oh well.)


I’m the oldest one in this photo – although there are a few other women who are within a few years of me.  Of the women in this photo who have kids, Vince isn’t the oldest one.  Do not let anyone tell you that millenianals are entitled or not hard working.  These folks are the most hard working, earnest, fun people around.  The health care field will move in the right direction because of the work these women will do.  I learn so much from them *all* the time.  I’m lucky to call them my friends and future colleagues.


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