Water Pipe Extensions with Stop Valves

A basement internal cold water supply and the water pipe extensions (two pairs for two future baths, one for Master Bedroom, one for common living area) have been completely installed.  However, the left hand side valve in the 2nd picture (for Master Bedroom) has a small leak through its gasket and it needs to be replaced or re-conditioned.

The first picture shows one pair of hot/cold water supply for common living area.  The 2nd picture shows the other.  Without attached to the wooden framing, they aren’t straight enough.  But, once the wooden framing becomes available, they will be two parallel pipes.

The 3rd picture is for the cold water take-off for internal use inside the basement.  This way, I don’t  have to go to outside (backyard) to get water.  Of course, it was installed first.  Or otherwise, with those two pairs, it is kind of redundant.  This line can also be shut off independently.

In this 3rd picture, the first pair is near the right hand side wall straight ahead.  The second pair is just off the sight in this picture on the left.

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