Dryer graveyard


We had Friday night dinner with my parents tonight.  The first of the fall/winter season.  I had ordered a new dryer from Sears for delivery on Thursday, but my parents said they had an old, working dryer in the basement that we could use.  So I cancelled the order and waited until tonight to pick it up.

I brought it home and plugged it in.  It spins, but does not heat.  We still have wet clothes.  OK, they aren’t really wet now since without a dryer, I know not to start a load of laundry, but now we just have dirty clothes.  And I have a great dryer graveyard in my garage.


I reordered the new dryer from Sears.  Delivery on Monday.

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  1. Doris and Jeremy, sorry for the trouble. I didn't know it did not heat. But, anyway, we had a wonderful dinner together. Mom is a great cook and ruby/maxi loves it.

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