Happiest of thanksgiving to you.

 Yesterday I took Mom and Dad to Edda’s school for the annual Thanksgiving feast.  Edda’s school has seven special needs classes and every year the kids put together an early Thanksgiving feast for themselves and their teachers and para educators.  I think although parents aren’t really invited, we managed to score some seats.  I don’t often go to Edda’s school, so when I have a chance to hang out, I try to go and chat with all the people Edda works with every day.


As other special needs parents know, it’s a crap shoot whether you are going to feel miserable or eternally grateful/happy when you go to these things.  I ended up being more on the grateful / happy side yesterday.  My parents enjoyed themselves, which made me happy.  Edda ate a lot and promptly fell asleep.

I met and spoke with Edda’s OT. She spends time with Edda in art, getting her to grab things or do art things.  I told her she has a very difficult job as OT is Edda’s worse subject.  But, special needs teachers are an optimistic bunch, and she said that she was impressed with Edda’ progress.

After lunch, my mom grabbed a little girl’s hand (a classmate of Edda’s) and they walked out of the cafeteria, presumably headed back to the classroom and I kind of laughed because I thought neither of them knew the way back to the room.  But they both managed to work their way back to the right room.

The happiest of thanksgiving to all of you, my loyal readers.


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  1. One of Edda's classmate gave me a lot of "High Five". Boy, her strength of doing "High Five" was really noticeable. She is sweet too. Just too bad with her conditions. I am not a religious person. But, hopefully, she will get better.

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