iPhone 6Plus

Yesterday (Thanksgiving Day), Doris & Donald gave Rena and I an iPhone 6Plus each as our birthday gifts. Today, Donald took us to a local Verizon Store to put SIM cards in and activated the phone.  Almost, all afternoon, we received crash courses offered by Doris and Donald on iPhone 101.  Donald said we are at least two years behind everyone, kids?

But, at least, I just did three mobile deposits to my bank account.  And, I also texted a lot.  Sounds pretty advance to me 🙂

Together, all Lees went to our PA farm to look for the boundary markers – iron pins, pile of rocks, paint, etc.  The weather was nice.  On its way, for lunch, Vincent had all-you-can-eat sushi for $15.00 which, according to him, was okay but less tasty than the other night’s sushi which is 8 for ~$25.00+.  I guess, in general, price can tell the difference 🙂

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