iPhone & Storage Space in Our Garage

Doris and Donald, especially Donald, have spent a lot of their time to teach us (Rena & I) how to use iPhone.

Ironically, in my working life which ended only 7 months ago (may work again if job becomes available), I was an IT manager for many years.  One time, I had 7 different kinds of communication gears with me and was reached 24/7/365 all the time.

May be, these days, managers of all kinds, don’t actually know anything 🙂 – but just claiming to know personnel, schedules, budgeting, trends and big-picture stuff. Who knows?  Better BS, better manager?

Since iPhne is very similar to iPAD, I guess, Rena is the better iPhone user than me.  I, too, have an iPAD, which is a gift from Doris & Donald also, I seldom use it.  Rena uses a lot.

Tonight, for learning purpose, we together had a field trip to McDonald’s for ice cream cone using “Apple Pay”.  It was cool. Before going, Mom would like Donald to make sure that the setup “Apple Pay” charges to our joint account, not only charging to her own account 🙂

And, Rena, tonight, even hand-made a iPhone bag, with nice cushion inside, for me.  It is nice looking and very practical.  She is quick and, surprisingly, possesses a lot of different kind of expertise.

Oh, now, I am working on our garage storage space.  Will be completed soon.  Stay tune.

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