Garage L-Shape Storage Deck

Yesterday, after driving Mom to her Mahjon game, I started working on the L-shape storage deck of the garage. Besides some cosmetic details and more nailing, it basically is done.
The first picture shows the auxiliary deck which is about 36″ deep.  Some boxes are already on it. The next picture is the main deck as well as its only stairway.  Picture 3 shows some of the details of the stairway. The last two pictures are for deck floor.  Btw, Mom said I can sleep on the deck corner to the right 🙂
Oh,  the stairway light (Picture 2 : inside the louver panel which I installed several years ago) doesn’t work and I can’t figure out where the switch is.  Of course, Mom is amused and laughs a lot.

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  1. That's a really impressive amount of storage space that you've created up top in your garage! Thanks for sharing your ideas and hopefully more people can benefit from the extra space from their new "lofts" too!

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