Hike & philly cheese steak.


We got everyone out of the house today and into nature!  We went to Lake Needwood, which is now infested with toxic blue-green algae, so no one touched the water.  Vince was grumpy to start off with, but warmed up and was happy by the end of the hike.  He perked up mainly because he was excited that we get Philly cheesesteaks for lunch.  Keyla had visited Philly last weekend, but failed to try a cheesesteak there, so we needed to hunt one down for her.


We tried this place in Bethesda that advertised a “Mis-steak” – a gargantuan Philly cheesesteak, big enough for four.  Edda enjoyed her Fanta.


We were a bit underwhelmed by the “Mis-steak”, we probably should have ordered 4 individual cheese steaks.  But, we ate it all.


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